Dedicated to a Healthy Legacy

Dedicated to a Healthy Legacy

Dedicated to a Healthy LegacyDedicated to a Healthy Legacy

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Experienced Breeders

When my husband and I were dating we bumped into some people with an enormous, furry dog. My husband told me it was a Newfoundland and that one day he hoped to own one. The rest, as they say, is history.

Eventually we bought our first Newfoundland, and decided we wanted to become more involved with the breed. We bought our second Newfie, Rigel, and immersed ourselves in all things Newfie: showing, water work, draft work, and obedience. She earned her Versatile Newfoundland title. She was the first dog we bred, and the mother of Wisher, who is the (posthumous) father of our current litter. She was the first of many Newfies that have been a part of our family.


We have bred Newfoundlands since 2001, but breed only occasionally when we have a particular reason to do so. This current litter is our tenth litter.

Happy, Healthy Bloodline


We have always been interested in producing the healthiest, happiest puppies possible. The parents of our puppies have regular health check-ups. In addition, their hearts have been cardiologist cleared, and they have good or better hips. They are cysteneria clear by heritage. The puppies will be vet and cardiologist checked as well. Results will be supplied. In addition, we try to safely provide the puppies with a variety of experiences.

A Furever Friend


One of the things that originally attracted us to the Newfoundland breed was compatibility with different lifestyles. They have been gentle when around children. We’ve successfully done water work, draft work, obedience, and conformation, each with a different level of training and activity. Probably the best part, though, is that they just want to hang around with us. They even enjoy traveling the country with us in our motorhome. 

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Sire: Wisher



Wisher was a result of our first breeding of Rigel. Mary Dewey, of the famous Dryad Kennels, was in the area convalescing after chemo and liked Wisher's mother, Rigel, enough after watching her work in the water that when she learned we would be breeding Rigel, she offered to put the Dryad Kennel prefix on Rigel's first litter of puppies. This is something that was quite an honor for us! Wisher's litter was one of the last to carry the Dryad Kennel name. With Mary's passing, the kennel name has now been retired. Rigel's mother, Birdie, was co-owned by Mary Dewey.



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